An 'Outback Camera Date' teaches you about the buttons & dials on your camera, how to think like a digital camera & how to be creative & confident out of 'auto'.
PLEASE NOTE: numbers are limited to ensure each participant receives adequate tuition & support throughout the workshop.
What is an 'Outback Camera Date'?
  At an 'Outback Camera Date' you will learn the basics of photography then by the end of the day be capturing & creating beautiful images in full 'Manual mode' (yes - you will!).  I teach you about the settings to create particular images such as portraits, action, landscapes, silhouettes, kids, stars & more.
We start in the studio with theory then your cameras are out & its hands on.  At the end of the workshop you will feel more confident to create what you want versus what the camera sees.  
Participants at the Quilpie Outback Camera Date creating gorgeous long exposures of 'Baldy Top'. This is a  30 second exposure, at ISO 1600, F4.
About the presenter
Hello! I'm Louise Gronold, founder and presenter of your Outback Camera Date.   I am a professional photographer based in Barcaldine, Outback Queensland. And I adore sharing my passion for photography and the landscapes and communities where I live.

My regional location, and desire to serve those in outback Queensland,  has resulted in me gaining a wide range of skills. In any year, my work involves portraits, weddings,  events, sport, schools, commercial work for our outback businesses and I love creating art for arts sake (of which I have received a half dozen awards or so).

Outback Camera Dates began about 10 years ago when friends twisted my arm to teach them about photography.  Iit was then that I has the realisation that learning photography is one thing. Learning how to put that into action with YOUR OWN camera is quite another.  You want to get to know your camera, feel confident with it and fall in love with it so you can create the image YOU want.  Thus...its a date!
See my work here at www.louisegronoldimagery.com.au
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At the 'Outback Camera Date' workshop you will:

  •  Learn theory & tips for better photography;
  •  Learn about & apply: ISO, RAW, aperture, shutter speed, white balance & more;
  •  Create portraits, silhouettes, action shots, landscapes, capture the night sky & more; 
  •  Understand how your camera 'thinks' & how to create your images rather than what the camera creates;
What is included?
  •  8 hours of tuition on a wide variety of subjects including portraits, action, landscapes, day & night photography
  •  One-on-one personalised support as required throughout the workshop
  •  Workshop notes for you to add to and take home
  •  Tea/coffee & afternoon tea snack
  •  New mobile app with tips & tricks. Yours forever to help you after the workshop
  •  Instruction at a variety of locations, including talent
  •  Dinner at Barcaldine's famous Lounging Emu wood fired pizzeria
Very fast shutter speed to 'freeze' the action. Image kindly shared by Latasha Smith, Longreach from a Barcaldine Outback Camera Date.
What you need to bring:
  •  Camera; You don't need an big complicated SLR. As long as you can control settings such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed, then you are set! 
  •  Your camera's full instruction manual (not the Quick Start Guide please). The manual is essential for finding the various settings as each camera uses different terminology & menus (previous participants have brought it on their laptops if you can't print it);
  •  Any other photography gadgets or lenses you want to play with and get confident with;
  •  Tripod (I have a few you can share if you can't get one for the workshop);
  •  A small torch and/or headlamp to move around in the dark;
  •  Water bottle; 
  •  Notepaper & pen;
  •  Willingness to learn (it can be a bit of brain strain but I have coffee breaks & snacks to sustain us!)
  •  Readiness to share and have fun! 
#  Places are limited to ensure everyone receives tuition & support during the workshop.
# Get in touch to arrange a workshop in your area. A minimum of 6 people are required & travel fees may  apply.
 What happens?
  •  We begin with a brief theory of photography
  •  Then its cameras out to find those buttons and menu items and start learning!
  •  With each new setting we apply it to a fun exercise so you get your hands on immediately
  •  We have tea/coffee and snack breaks
  •  Then as the sun sets we go to a local landscape and create silhouettes and sunsets
  •  Dinner break and finally
  •  Into the landscape again to create fun nightscapes, capture the stars and experiment with light painting
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